Our Decking Solution

Ocean Decks delivers the strongest, lightest and most durable decking system on the planet that matches the beauty and look of the highest quality teak without the maintenance demands. 

20 Year Structural Warranty

Made from Recycled Material

Hot Zone Friendly

Fade & Stain Resistant


Leveraging the Green Eagle Reinforced technology’s carbon fiber sandwich material, the Ocean Decks boards are super strong and rigid and can be built 24 inches on center saving time and money.


Constructed on commercial grade PVC and other natural fibers, Ocean Decks will not rot and is resistant to mold, mildew and moisture damage.

Fade & Stain Resistant

The flexible PVC top coat is both fade and stain-resistant.

Stay Dry

Ocean Decks has an interlocking design causing water to roll off the top negating the need for any type of separate under decking.

Feet Friendly

Our flexible PVC top does not absorb heat like traditional wood or composite decking materials.


Ocean Decks are environmentally friendly. Made in the USA using a closed-loop manufacturing process leveraging recycled materials.

Green Eagle Reinforced

Ocean Decks uses Green Eagle Technology’s carbon fiber sandwich material, resulting in the strongest, lightest and most durable decking system on the planet.

Sustainable Material

Green Eagle uses a closed-loop manufacturing process utilizing recycled materials.
Ocean Decks strong assembly

Made Stronger With Carbon Fiber

Our unique process creates a composite sandwich of carbon fiber and polymers to achieve a plastic profile with unheard-of strength, rigidity and stability.

The Ocean Decks system is easy to install and requires no maintenance. If you have any questions or need help with an estimate, please contact us.